Product Review - Antares Twist-Lock Adapter

John Smith

This is a 2" to 1.25" adapter built with a high quality aluminum housing. What sets this adapter apart from the others is that it has a twist locking feature which secures the eyepiece firmly in its housing. Unlike adapters with set screws or brass compression rings, this one uses a polypropylene band that clamps 360 degrees to center the eyepiece within its housing.

Twisting the top is easy with gloves on, which can nor-mally be cumbersome using small set screws. This adapter will not leave any set screw marks or scratches on your expensive eyepieces. It has threads on the bottom for 2" filters, and the twist top can be removed to reveal standard T-threads.

An optional barrel extender is available for eyepieces with extra long barrels. I've used this adapter for about a year now and it still shows no signs of wear and tear.

This adapter is advertised as "low profile" but I have found that one of my eyepieces will not reach focus. It needs slightly more "in" travel. I measured the adapter from the top, to the shoulder that sits on the focuser. It sits 10mm high. My other adapter sits 5mm high and will reach focus with the eyepiece. If you have an eyepiece that reaches focus close to the limit of the focuser "in" travel, this adapter might not work.

I bought this adapter from Scope-Stuff for $29.00 ship-ping included.

Published in the July 2009 issue of the NightTimes