Jack Kramer and Tom Mathieson

April, 2012

Jack Kramer and Tom Mathieson have been so actively involved in LCAS that I cannot conceive of the group without them, as much of the success and longevity of LCAS is due them for their contributions. When LCAS was conceived I do recall that they were both there in the absolute infancy of the group. In the 'early days' when LCAS was small, it was common for members to simply volunteer to hold an office such as VP, or Secretary, and often after a year or two of tenure in a spot, the few members merely 'rotated' in or volunteered to some other position. Tom and Jack have probably held just about every position within the ranks of LCAS over the years, and that alone would be commendable. But both of these gentlemen have also been a major part of the education of us all.

In Jack's case, one can hardly recall a newsletter where he hasn't had a column or educational piece that we've all learned something from? Tom has always been a big part of what I called the 'community outreach' part of the group, a driver of programs for the schools, viewing sessions for the public or similar. I think both have been instrumental in linking the LCAS to other local and national societies as well, and have helped to establish the LCAS amongst the premier organizations in the country.

I can recall trips to Yerkes Observatory up in Lake Geneva, that wouldn't have happened without them. Or the connection to the Albuquerque society that has led to yearly (or more often) trips to New Mexico. These are just some of my early recollections of their contributions.

I've missed the milestones and contributions that have happened since I moved to Florida, so I'll have to leave it to others to commend them for what I'm sure have been continued contributions that have brought the LCAS to this 30th Anniversary.

Congratulations to the Lake County Astronomical Society, for making the 30th anniversary, and a sincere congratulations to both Tom and Jack for being there over these years. Thank you both for the contributions you've made to the LCAS, without them the group would not be the notable society it has become.

Best Regards, Bill Otten

The Lake County Astronomical Society, hereby grants to Jack Kramer, a 'lifetime membership' in the Lake County Astronomical Society, in recognition of magnitudes of contributions to LCAS, to her members and to the public of Lake County, Illinois.

Second, the officers of the Lake County Astronomical Society are providing Jack with a 'Stellar Designation'.

Jack, henceforth, for your brothers and sisters of LCAS, your Stellar Designation is...

"Jack Sirius Kramer"

There is not brighter star in our night sky, than Sirius. Jack, you have certainly shone brightly among all the stars of LCAS. The latin designation for Sirius is "Alpha Canis Marjoris", or as I think of Jack... "The Big Dog". Affectionately Jack, there is no 'bigger dog' in LCAS, than Jack Kramer. Just as Sirius spends part of the year out of our sight, Jack also cannot be here throughout the year. Just as the ancient Egyptians saw return of Sirius as the indication of the return of new life, LCAS welcomes and enjoys your visits Jack, and the energetic spirit you bring when you return to us.

Jack Kramer