Marcella Linahan, Carmel Catholic High School

December 10, 2010

To Whom It May Concern,

On behalf of the Membership of the Lake County Astronomical Society,

The Lake County Astronomical Society (LCAS) appreciatively recognizes the extraordinary efforts of Marcella Linahan in assisting LCAS with the Astronomy Under the City Lights (AUTCL) program through her personal participation at our events. In addition, Marcella has motivated many of her students to offer their assistant to LCAS at AUTCL events. Marcella and her students significantly improved the "astronomy experience" of visitors at our events.

As a science teacher at Carmel Catholic High School, Marcella has gone far beyond the call of duty in connecting her subject with her students. In 2008, Marcella brought a group of students to an LCAS event where we observed a lunar eclipse. Her group tolerated single digit temperatures to witness the eclipse. Marcella has also coordinated private viewing events with her students and LCAS members so the students could have additional quality time with LCAS members under our dark skies at the Volo Bog.

In 2010 Marcella distinguished herself by being selected as a participant in NASA's research program called NITARP. This privilege was extended to only 14 teachers nationwide.

Marcella, with her "extra effort" attitude, exemplifies the recipient qualifications for the LCAS LakeSky Star Award.

Her LakeSky Star Award represents our greatest respect, humble thanks, and sincere congratulations.

On behalf of the Lake County Astronomical Society,

Joe Shuster, Public Outreach
Tom Frazier, President LCAS

Marcella Linahan