Stacy Iwanicki, Volo Bog Naturalist

January 12, 2008

To Whom It May Concern,

The Lake County Astronomical Society gratefully acknowledges the extraordinary efforts of Stacy Iwanicki and her parent organization the Illinois Department of Natural Resources in the promotion of astronomy in northeastern Illinois.

The Volo Bog State Natural Area has served as the home of the Lake County Astronomical Society since 2001. Stacy has been instrumental in providing on-going support to the club to facilitate the club's regular meetings and special events. LCAS holds monthly meetings for members and the public and Stacy ensures the Volo Bog Visitor Center is ready and comfortable for all. The Volo Bog site is also primary home for the club's public events, including the annual Astronomy Day event and other nighttime "star parties" for celestial events like lunar eclipses. Stacy helps to coordinate the necessary resources and facilities. She helps promote the events to visitors to ensure that the public can participate. This allows the public to enjoy the nighttime skies at the Volo Bog site in addition to all its daytime appeal.

In addition to serving as an excellent hostess, Stacy has participated in the LCAS student outreach program "Dipping into Astronomy" - as a consultant in the desighn of the course and as an instructor of the course. Stacy is well known for her high-energy style of communicating with young people. This serves her well when introducing students to the fundamentals of astronomy.

The Lake County Astronomical Society (LCAS) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that serves its members and the public in northeastern Illinois. LCAS was founded in 1982 with a charter that includes the commitment to "...promote the science of astronomy...". The LakeSky Star award is a special honor for individuals and/or organizations who make a distinctive contribution to the promotion of astronomy. Stacy's zeal and dedication in assisting LCAS its mission and her energy and commitment to astronomy education as a teacher in "Dipping into Astronomy" makes her a deserving recipient of a LakeSky Star award.

In addition, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources has earned a LakeSky Star award for its gracious role in as a host to LCAS since 2001. The club's library and other astronomy material are stored at the Volo Bog site. The facilities and equipment at the Visitors Center and throughout the site are well maintained. LCAS and the public are well served by the staff and management of the Volo Bog Natural Area.

We thank Stacy Iwanicki and the Illinois Department of Natural Resource with a LakeSky Star award.

On behalf of the Lake County Astronomical Society