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If you are a teacher, scout leader or librarian, you might be looking for ways to connect kids (and adults) with learning about science. Astronomy is a visible, interactive science that kids can continue to enjoy long after their initial introduction. Kids and astronomy are a great combination when properly mixed.

Our club has always been eager to help share the fun of astronomy with kids and adults. We can present a "star party" at your location. We can help you pick a night and a time that works with your organization and that also presents the best that the sky can offer to your audience. LCAS volunteer astronomers will give your visitors a tour of interesting objects in the sky. We can show things like the moon, planets, star clusters and multiple star systems from almost any location. In darker locations we can show gas clouds where stars are being born or the leftovers from the explosions of dying stars. And with luck we might see a satellite, a meteor, a comet or the northern lights.

LCAS presents star parties at libraries, schools, park districts, churches and scout meetings. We've even presented one at a charity event at a race track!

A good example of the above is our Astronomy Under The City Lights program. 


Club members are willing to share their knowledge of astronomy in a classroom setting. Examples of these sessions include:

  • "Dipping Into Astronomy" - An introduction to the Solar System and the sky
  • "The Birth, Life and Death of Stars" - How we are all made of star stuff
  • "What's Up in Outer Space" - A summary of the latest news and discoveries in astronomy

Private events are not included on our public calendar.

LCAS delivers star parties and classroom sessions at no charge as part of our club charter and in compliance with our IRS designation as a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

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