LCAS Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program (Spells out "what" the mentoring program is all about)

Mentoring Process (Defines "how" the mentoring program works)

Mentoring Request Form:

The mentoring program was launched at the February 2001 meeting with some preliminary discussions between mentors and those seeking help with various aspects of astronomy. The monthly club meeting proved to be a good forum in which people could link up to take part in this program. It is conceivable that a member might work with more than one mentor, depending on their range of interests and any particular technical needs.

In July 2003, the mentoring program was enhanced with the addition of :

  • mentoring program objectives to provide direction,
  • a process to follow for requesting mentoring assistance,
  • a form for requesting mentoring assistance,
  • and a process for measuring and maintaining the mentoring program effectiveness.

Here is a list of the various topics, along with those mentors who feel competent to offer assistance in these areas:

Telescope setup, collimation, polar alignment:

Mike Dzeiedzic, Leon Fasano, Jack Kramer, Greg Lutes


Jack Kramer, Greg Lutes, Tom Mathieson

Telescope construction:

Leon Fasano, Jack Kramer, Greg Lutes


Mike Dziedzic, Jack Kramer, Greg Lutes, Tom Mathieson, Darryl Hedges

Binocular observing:

Tom Mathieson

Cosmology, astrophysics:

John Clevenger, Tom Mathieson, Gary Smith

Satellite observing

Darryl Hedges

AstroTrac Precision Tracker,

Darryl Hedges

High Altitude Ballooning / Imaging

Darryl Hedges