Claire Rogers, GEICO

The Lake County Astronomical Society formally recognizes Claire Rogers and GEICO Direct magazine for her cover article "Stargazing" in the GEICO Direct magazine in Fall, 2007. The four-page article was well written to attract the public to astronomy. She explained the concept of "star parties", listed appealing sites (including a local favorite: The Adler Planetarium), and gave readers connections to other astronomy resources including local clubs. The information in the article was timely for the publication date but also included timeless information such as how to find a local astronomy club, radio programs about astronomy, computer software, links to a beginner's guide to astronomy and links to kids' activities in astronomy.

Claire introduced readers to important astronomy concepts and terms such as seeing, sunspots, light pollution, meteor showers, and star party etiquette.

The well-chosen graphics in the article included photos of the impressive buildings and equipment of astronomers, but also showed that kids of all ages can enjoy astronomy as a family activity. The sidebars for the article were well done graphically and gave important information that complimented the narrative.

The Lake County Astronomical Society (LCAS) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that serves its members and the public in northeastern Illinois. LCAS was founded in 1982 with a charter that includes the commitment to "...promote the science of astronomy...". The LakeSky Star award is a special honor for individuals or organizations who make a distinctive contribution to the promotion of astronomy.

We thank Claire and GEICO Direct with a LakeSky Star award.

On behalf of LCAS,
Joe Shuster

Claire Rogers